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To Toyota, the idea of advancing mobility goes far beyond making great vehicles. The ability to get where you need to go is considered by Toyota to be a basic human right, something that should be available to everyone. Toyota also takes hold of opportunities where it can become a positive influence on people, society and the environment. These stories are told through The Toyota Effect website.

In recent years, you’ve heard a lot about mobility from Toyota. This simple word serves as a mission statement for the brand as a whole – it means helping all of humanity get where it needs to go, whatever that takes. This passion for improving lives has been the driving force behind Toyota ever since the company was founded over 85 years ago.

We were part of the editorial team that helped to develop and bring positive stories about how Toyota has made an impact on people's lives. These humanitarian efforts included providing the Human Support Robot (HSR) to a wounded veteran, helping the victims of Hurricane Harvey, assisting America's military personnel get jobs, partnering with the Olympic and Paralympic Games, and cultivating the Toyota Mothers of Invention program, just to name a few.

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